GD Lotto – Experience Thrill and Watch Your Dreams Materialize, Live

If there is one thing that sets aside the Malaysian bettors from the rest is our keen passion to, in our local lingo, buy Toto. Now, to paint the town red, Grand Dragon Lottery or豪龙 (háo lóng) in mandarin, is here to switch things up.

As the first and largest LIVE 4D lottery provider in Cambodia, Grand Dragon Lotto prides itself on being an accountable game provider. They stand by including all of the patrons (virtual or physical) in the process of gambling (lottery, casino table games, online games, and more), and revealing of any gambling result transparently and honestly.

With this intention in mind, Grand Dragon Lotto has done the unprecedented by becoming the first to live-stream their lottery result to the masses.


Grand Dragon Lotto - All about Now

Grand Dragon Lotto broadcasts its 4D result and draw process directly from the casino in Grand Dragon Resort, situated in Chreythom, Kandal province. The lottery machines are placed in the middle of the casino lobby so there is no room for discrepancies, and that the public can be guaranteed of a candid experience and thrill of seeing their numbers getting revealed, on the spot or through any mobile devices (mobile phone, laptop, tablet, and desktop).

The broadcast takes place daily at 7 PM (GMT +8). When the time comes, the Grand Dragon Lotto website will automatically refresh and segue to the reveal. The session is facilitated by two female croupiers, which will then announce the results for Consolation and Special Prize, before proceeding to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize. The numbers are drawn following the numbers labeled on the lottery drawing ball.

Results of Historical Draws:

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Grand Dragon Lotto – The Dragon is Soaring

To create an even more compact and wholesome lottery experience, 4D Dragon Lotto commits to several promises.

1. Modernizing conventional lottery business

While the casino in Grand Dragon is equipped with a variety of online casino games and grandeur, it is not accessible to all, due to the nation’s lack of infrastructure, transportation in particular, and the inconvenient distance from one location to the other. This also makes it hard for people to interact with mobile agents and lottery operators. To cope, 4D dragon Lotto aims to execute Mobile 4D Betting, the first in Cambodia and Asia.

GD Lotto Mobile 4D Betting is designed to curb the aforementioned and render players the access to play the lottery and other casino games and be posted with the latest gambling results plus news at the comfort of their own home, anytime at anywhere.

2. Becoming a trendsetter

The game of 4D Betting is said to originate from Kedah in 1951, a state located in the northwestern part of Peninsular Malaysia. The game became prevalent over time and gained its popularity not only in Malaysia but in Singapore too.

Now, Grand Dragon Lotto has succeeded in becoming the first lottery and 4D game provider in Cambodia. Their next pursue is to make it as the top Asian lottery country and give lottery players alike the opportunity to benefit from the remunerative payout of the lottery.

3. Honesty and transparency as part of the policy

Grand Dragon Lotto makes certain that the patrons, as well as the Cambodia government, will be presented with organic and authentic lottery result only. They emphasize practicing a fair and transparent method of working because they believe it can strengthen and further their relationship with the patrons.

4. Giving Back

At Grand Dragon Lotto, making a profit doesn’t surpass the importance of being able to contribute and give back to society. Yes, many reckon lottery providers as entities that exhaust the assets of the masses, but Grand Dragon Lotto intends to change that. 4D dragon Lotto actively participates in CSRs and charitable events and consistently donates some part of their profit to those that are less fortunate.

5. Patron privacy and safety

Grand Dragon Lotto is dedicated to creating a Zero Lottery Scam environment for the patrons. Like any other form of gambling, the lottery is susceptible to fraud. One of the most common frauds is spam – the scam congratulates an unknowing recipient on a lottery win, and requests for a certain amount as tax or fees to release the payout.

Not only are lottery scams unscrupulous and that it leaves a bad taste in a patron’s mouth, but it is also very costly as it tarnishes the integrity of the lottery system and culture as a whole.

That is why 4D dragon Lotto implements a safe and secure mechanism, which also encrypts all sorts of financial transactions. This way, the patrons of Grand Dragon 4D, Malaysian players included, can be assured that their financial and private data will be safeguarded and not at risk of being compromised.

6. Localization and expansion

Grand Dragon Lotto strives to build its own dedicated local business and technical team across Asia. To achieve that, Grand Dragon Lotto follows suit the lottery business and pattern of a country and customizes products and technical requirements to meet the needs of the local lottery players. With that said, 4D dragon Lotto also localizes the payment method to facilitate any business credit and payment of payout.

To date, Grand Dragon 4D has collaborated with 4 neighboring countries, namely Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Now, even Malaysia 4D buyers can reap the benefits of Grand Dragon Lotto.

Grand Dragon Lotto – Get On with the Dragon Spirit

Now that you are acquainted with Grand Dragon Lotto, let’s dive into the types of betting, lottery draw procedure, and jackpot game of 4D dragon Lotto.

A) There are 5 types of betting choices patrons can choose from:

B) Drawing Procedure

There are multiple balls labeled with letters A to W, and digits from 0 to 9.

A ball (from A to W) and 4 digits (from 0 to 9) will be drawn from a respective machine. A combination is formed when we put together the letter and 4 digits. Letters drawn from the A to M combo represent the Special prize category, and letters drawn from the N to W combo represent the Consolation prize category.

The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize are decided by drawing 3 out of 13 balls from the Special prize category. Keep in mind there is a sequence when drawing for the top 3 prizes:

- The first ball drawn represents the 3rd prize

- The second ball drawn represents the 2nd prize, and

- The third ball drawn represents the 1st prize

For instance, if the letter G is drawn first, the combination will make up the 3rd prize.

C) Jackpot Game

GD Lotto takes pride in creating one of the most innovative and thrilling bonus systems – Bonus Jackpot.

A Bonus Jackpot is an accumulative bonus system that gives patrons better chances of winning and provides even heftier payout for the next winner as the bonus accrues.

Similarly, the game draws 23 sets of combinations, which makes up 13 Special prizes and 10 Consolation prizes. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd will be picked out from the Special prize category in sequence. The payout is as below:

1. 3rd prize/Small Bonus – Payout + 30% jackpot pool

2. 2nd prize/Big Bonus – Payout + 50% jackpot pool

3. 1st prize/Super Bonus – Payout + 100% jackpot pool

The Bonus Jackpot is only applicable to 4D Big and 4D Small betting types. The minimum amount for a 4D game is USD 1 (Cambodia), RM 4 (Malaysia), THB 30 (Thailand), and IDR 12,000 (Indonesia).

To calculate a unit for a qualified bonus unit, you just need to divide your bet amount per 4D number by 4. For instance:

a) RM 18 worth of bet amount – RM 18 / 4 = 4 units

b) RM 7.59 worth of bet amount – RM 7.50 / 4 = 1 unit

Keep in mind to round off the decimal points to the nearest whole number.

In an instance where there is more than one Bonus Jackpot winner (small bonus, big bonus, and super bonus included), the jackpot will be divided equally among each eligible winner.

Grand Dragon Lotto – What Next?

If you are interested in learning more about what 4D Dragon Lotto has to offer, you may connect with Grand Dragon Lotto on Facebook. Alternatively, you can register as an i8 member to play GD Lotto with 4 simple steps:

Step 1: Head to i8.BET

Step 2: Register as an i8.BET member

Step 3: Enter i4D Game Room

Step 4: Key in your favourite lucky number.

Step 5: Tick on the dark yellow GD Lotto box and start betting now.

Grand Dragon Lotto believes that being forthright with their modus operandi can instil confidence and build trust with their patrons. That aside, 4D Dragon Lotto also hopes to bridge the gap between technology and tradition and become a world-class lottery provider, with you along the journey.

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